We believes in empowering all Tanzanians to meet development challenges and, to this end, it provides services to the marginalized population by providing affordable loans (Uwezo Loans) structured to fit different classes of customers. It operates on low cost basis, thus enabling affordable lending rates to its customers.


Investments shall be made solely in the interest of the UFS beneficiaries.
1. The assets shall be invested with the care, skill, prudence and diligence under the circumstances that a prudent person would use in the investment of assets with like character and similar goals.
2. Investment of the assets shall be diversified to minimize the risk of capital erosion, unless under the circumstances it is clearly inadvisable not to do so.
3. The Investment Committee may employ one or more investment managers of varying styles and philosophies to achieve the organizations goals and objectives.
4. Cash shall be invested in a productive manner through the use of short-term instruments that provide safety, liquidity and a reasonable yield, considering prevailing market conditions


Share Capital

Church organ or cluster within church organization (TAG) will be allowed to buy shares
from UFS and benefits from the ownership of UFS. As owners, the investor will be able to gain
from the net profit from operations of UFS annually. From the business plan, UFS strategically
plan to break even within financial 5 years. Thus be able to share profit to owners from
financial year 6 of operations.


Endowment Fund

UFS is creating an endowment Fund with the aiming of pooling church resources together and
enhance financing and investment. Pooling of resources together for UFS customers it will
enable the organization to negotiate good rates from Fixed Deposits, Treasury bill and
Treasury bonds for excess funds but more important being able to serve all credit demand on
time. All funds invested/contributed to endowment funds, will earn an interest rate of 10%
per annum. This fund will facilitate all core activities for UFS and at the same time build
sustainability of the organization. In return all contributors will gain more by investing in UFS endowment fund than the interest rate which will be issued by a bank.
Any contributor who will need credit facility will be able to get the credit facility from UFS at
a discount rate of 3%. Any church aspiring to be a customer to UFS will be motivated to
contribute/save through endowment fund which has dual benefits of gaining interest and
discount over credits.


Private Capital Partnerships

Investment allocations within UFS will also include venture capital, private equity and
international private capital investments, held in the form of professionally managed pooled
limited partnership investments. Such investments must be made through funds offered by
professional within church settings with defined structure which will be a communication
channel between beneficiaries and UFS. The private capital partnership will be encouraged
from the Pastors through their defined structures, evangelists, men’s club, youth, women and
all professionals within the church setting. The reward for this investment will be at a rate of
10% for the portfolio negotiated between UFS and the governance of respective group. This
partnership will avail dual benefits as well for those ones who will require financing from the organization to be guaranteed by the group, receive discounted rate of borrowing and as well gain interest on his contributions toward partnership.
This mode is expected to involve all members of the body of Christ through Tanzania
Assemblies of God.


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